Gaming player funds at Satabank also trapped

2018-10-24T14:18:14+02:00Wed, 24th Oct '18, 14:18|

In an earlier post, I wrote about the reputational harm the current Satabank crisis is causing among end clients of our financial services activity. An expert in the gaming industry pointed out to me in a conversation this morning that I am underestimating the impact on the end users of the gaming industry as well. [...]

You need to rebuild confidence. Now.

2018-10-24T10:38:12+02:00Wed, 24th Oct '18, 10:38|

Up to this morning, Satabank, or the ‘competent person’ appointed by the regulator to take control of it, Ernst&Young, have not yet communicated to the bank’s clients any news about what’s happening to their money. This is causing increasing concern among customers who have been denied access to their funds since the MFSA’s order last [...]

Blessed Owen!

2018-10-24T10:21:02+02:00Wed, 24th Oct '18, 10:21|

Here’s a bulletin on The Great Restoration of The Great Siege Memorial. After the vigil of Tuesday 16th October an #occupyjustice activist, considerably nimbler than I am, went over the barricade to stick a picture of Daphne Caruana Galizia to the unwaxed plinth of the Memorial. A sort of smiling middle finger left for Owen [...]

Satabank: “This is causing amazing damage to Malta’s reputation” – UK financial advisor

2018-10-24T09:57:21+02:00Wed, 24th Oct '18, 09:57|

The current situation at Satabank is being underestimated because its client base is mostly foreign and we don’t have typical Net or One phone-in callers with their salaries trapped inside. But though the political fallout of a freeze on transactions on a domestically-focused retail bank would be politically massive, the economic fall-out of the state [...]

Eppur si muove

2018-10-24T09:34:44+02:00Wed, 24th Oct '18, 09:15|

I am not Martin Scicluna’s shadow and life’s too short to read all his drivel, let alone answer it. But you can see in his article of today, coupled with it Steve Mallia’s return from the shadows last Sunday, and a few other hints here and there of eloquent frenzy, a picture taking shape of [...]

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