2018-10-18T19:22:21+02:00Thu, 18th Oct '18, 18:18|

The current story about the testing of MPs for drug use is seriously unpleasant. I don’t think any of the politicians involved are handling this well. The public already has much reason to mistrust politicians and if the crisis of confidence in the political class continues getting worse the route to populism and democratic failure [...]

The Mugabe syndrome

2018-10-18T20:15:21+02:00Thu, 18th Oct '18, 18:15|

Robert Mugabe used to be the darling of the West. His fight for majority rule in Rhodesia was respected because it was just. And his government was mostly sensible at first. He was used to being portrayed well in the international press as the Good African President. Then corruption, tyranny, greed and violence set in [...]

Thoughts on the bus

2018-10-18T17:50:46+02:00Thu, 18th Oct '18, 17:50|

Public transport users have fond memories of me. Many people would be on a bus and spontaneously think of me and my old association with buses. But if they think of reading my blog on a bus, they're not allowed to do so on the Malta Public Transport wifi network. You can though visit [...]

Tuesday’s homily

2018-10-18T15:59:33+02:00Thu, 18th Oct '18, 15:59|

Civil society is rising. Tuesday's turnout was a response to the indifference and mockery from the political class of people acting in defence of what is right and out of love of country. The people marching on Tuesday were not responding a call to support this political party or that one. They were not cheering [...]

Ana Gomes’s speech on 16th October

2018-10-18T09:18:26+02:00Thu, 18th Oct '18, 09:18|

Many speeches were delivered at several events organised on 16th October on the anniversary of Daphne Caruana Galizia's assassination. No one quite beats the Old Testament and the third chapter from Ecclesiastes 3. But this speech by Socialist MEP Ana Gomes at a conference hosted in the morning by MEP David Casa is a distant [...]

The reign of the Passport King

2018-10-18T09:08:38+02:00Thu, 18th Oct '18, 09:08|

  This story on The Guardian explains how Christian Kaelin of Henley and Partners brokered financing of political parties in the Caribbean that would give him exclusive contracts to sell their passports. He would work with SCL (that would eventually found Cambridge Analytica) and though he denies actually paying the political parties’ bills himself he [...]

The Marsa of crime

2018-10-18T08:56:08+02:00Thu, 18th Oct '18, 08:56|

Read this report of an investigation by Cecilia Anesi, Lorenzo Bagnoli, and Giulio Rubino that have been looking at the crimes in the wild open ocean that surrounds us. In that harbour, those tired, creaky vessels; those bored crews hanging their laundry on deck; are resting in a pirate's bay waiting for their next gig out [...]

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