John Sweeney on RTK

2018-10-13T14:53:06+02:00Sat, 13th Oct '18, 14:53|

Fr Joe Borg interviewed John Sweeney this morning ahead of the BBC journalist's Freedom Lecture on Monday. He was told by a listener that he's being "fed wrong information". And John Sweeney patiently explained the difference between impartiality, which is a professional obligation and being able to tell right from wrong. Listen to the interview [...]

Rai Uno: Daphne La Patriota

2018-10-13T11:26:37+02:00Sat, 13th Oct '18, 11:26|

This was broadcast yesterday on Rai Uno's weekly news in-depth magazine TV7. The feature is by Maria Grazia Mazzola.

Carlo Bonini: L’isola assassina

2018-10-13T11:07:26+02:00Sat, 13th Oct '18, 11:07|

When in Rome yesterday I met again La Repubblica's Carlo Bonini, part of the Daphne Project and author of the 'Daphne' movie shown in an event organised by this website a few months ago. Through Feltrinelli he has just published his book on the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia that tells the story on what [...]

Stand Up for Truth and Justice

2018-10-13T07:59:11+02:00Sat, 13th Oct '18, 07:59|

On behalf of my colleagues organising the Truth and Justice campaign, I would like to thank Steve Hili for his show last Sunday. And I would like to thank LovinMalta for feature the event on their site. Here are Tim Diacono's notes from the evening. Satire is a bit of a lost trade here in [...]

Spin can sometimes be insufferable.

2018-10-13T07:35:53+02:00Sat, 13th Oct '18, 07:09|

Consider this heading in a The Malta Independent report from a couple of days ago: “Temporary ITS Luqa Campus inaugurated”. “Temporary” suggests the place is a stop-gap solution, something on the way to a more permanent solution. An urgent fix that was needed until something better props up. And that would be an accurate impression. [...]

Where was Chris Cardona?

2018-10-13T08:39:15+02:00Sat, 13th Oct '18, 06:32|

When Keith Arnaud, the police inspector in the investigation on who killed Daphne Caruana Galizia, was interrogating Alfred Degiorgio he took il-Fulu through the devastating evidence they had to prove he killed the journalist. Keith Arnaud showed Alfred Degiorgio the police had all the answers. Records of SIM card purchases, the movements of phones, records [...]

PD call on people to join March for Truth and Justice

2018-10-13T06:02:06+02:00Sat, 13th Oct '18, 06:02|

Partit Demokratiku's statement: PD in full support of Sunday’s demonstration: Manifestazzjoni Ġustizzja u Verità Partit Demokratiku is the only party represented in parliament which has unfailingly supported civil society in its incessant demands for an end to corruption and impunity, for good governance and truth and justice. Why? Because Partit Demokratiku is a democratic and [...]

Berlin and Brussels to host vigils for Daphne on the 16th

2018-10-13T05:45:23+02:00Sat, 13th Oct '18, 05:45|

On Tuesday, the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom and the German journalist union Deutscher Journalisten-Verband (DJV) are hosting a vigil outside the Maltese Embassy in Berlin to commemorate Daphne Caruana Galizia, and to make it clear that also a year later, the pressure on the Maltese government to investigate this murder thoroughly will [...]

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