The State that ignores its own

2018-10-22T18:16:42+02:00Mon, 22nd Oct '18, 18:16|

Karol Aquilina asked Joseph Muscat two weeks before the anniversary of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s death what his government was preparing to mark that anniversary. He replied today saying “the Caruana Galizia family have numerous times expressed their lack of confidence in the Maltese State. The State, therefore, respects this position”. So the government of Malta [...]

Satabank: And how I let them bully me into silence.

2018-10-22T17:47:22+02:00Mon, 22nd Oct '18, 17:38|

A reader wrote in to ask me if I felt vindicated after the Maltese regulator froze the operations of Satabank and after the police raided the bank last night. He asked me that because he remembered my piece of March 3rd last when I outed Satabank as a money-laundering operation, a criminal conspiracy that unlike [...]

Journalism most foul, he said.

2018-10-22T17:42:36+02:00Mon, 22nd Oct '18, 17:14|

I have given Sunday’s article by Steve Mallia some more thought. Here’s his Facebook post yesterday night saying he was moved to come out of retirement to write it. Here he is being complemented by his former colleague at The Sunday Times and his current business partner in the PR business they have together Ariadne [...]

Tactical marriage

2018-10-22T16:51:54+02:00Mon, 22nd Oct '18, 16:51|

The great political dynasties say the Kennedys and the Bushes, are famously careful to arrange marriages to further their political aims. They are the heirs of the numbered kings of old who married daughters and sisters to secure alliances and seal political pacts. The Labour Party's Alex Saliba got married this weekend. My sincere congratulations [...]

‘Professor Joseph Mifsud’: will he ever show up?

2018-10-22T16:39:22+02:00Mon, 22nd Oct '18, 16:39|

For a while, there was a suggestion he might be dead. But then his Swiss lawyer said he's very much alive but in hiding. Stephan Roh told me as much when he offered to obtain answers to my questions to Joseph Mifsud in exchange of an agreement to testify for his character. Of course, I [...]

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