The Malta segment on Simon Reeve’s BBC show

2018-10-10T23:17:16+02:00Wed, 10th Oct '18, 23:17|

I'm taking a bit of a risk here as obviously this show is the property of the BBC and I'm uploading an extract here without their express permission. If this post vanishes at some point you know why. This extract is the Malta segment which was the very first segment of the very first episode [...]

I fear for Simon Busuttil’s safety

2018-10-10T22:48:38+02:00Wed, 10th Oct '18, 22:48|

I’ve thought about what I’m about to say a lot over the last year and I’ve stopped myself saying it aloud. But I saw the prime minister on TV yesterday in Parliament and I heard from people who were there what the scene in the chamber after the cameras were switched off was like. And [...]

Journalism in Muscat-speak

2018-10-10T21:50:38+02:00Wed, 10th Oct '18, 21:50|

Sarah Puntan Galea, another footsoldier in Joseph Muscat's regiment of truth bashers, wanted to remind the BBC's Simon Reeve how journalism should be done. She thinks the world is like Malta where Labour gets to tell everyone what to think, no matter how absurd. The fact that the BBC interviewed me does not give anyone [...]

At 6.30 pm turn on Parliament TV

2018-10-10T18:10:09+02:00Wed, 10th Oct '18, 17:17|

After that fascist attack on basic freedoms perpetrated in full view of the country by a prime minister who threatened an Opposition MP with effective exile from the country, Simon Busuttil is tonight standing in Parliament to reply. Until now Simon Busuttil said he would wait for the Egrant inquiry to be published before reacting [...]


2018-10-10T15:55:43+02:00Wed, 10th Oct '18, 15:55|

He tried to fudge it later but he had said it. Joseph Muscat told Simon Busuttil he should not ever be allowed in Malta. It was not a slip of an angry moment. It is an idea the prime minister wants to push right into the mainstream. I meet people who have the culture, the [...]

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