Guest Post: Simon Busuttil and the Egrant inquiry

2018-10-11T19:06:15+02:00Thu, 11th Oct '18, 19:06|

Sent in by someone known to me: It is obvious why government members went all out to drown down Simon Busuttil’s telling comments on the Egrant inquiry at Parliament’s sitting on 10 October. He was spot on in saying that the Magistrate’s conclusions in his report did not categorically rule out that Egrant’s owner could [...]

La Repubblica: How Malta’s government absolves itself of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s killing

2018-10-11T12:54:42+02:00Thu, 11th Oct '18, 12:39|

This is my translation of an article carried yesterday by La Repubblica. If you can, read the original here. “State of Denial”: an English expression that accurately describes the effect of the new revelations published Tuesday by La Repubblica and the Daphne Project coordinated by Forbidden Stories, throwing light once more on the undiscovered darkness [...]

Projectile pea soup

2018-10-11T11:40:36+02:00Thu, 11th Oct '18, 11:40|

There are bigger fish to fry, but I can’t let this fish slip. I wasn’t in the courtroom when Magistrate Joe Mifsud is reported to have appointed an exorcist in some mumbo-jumbo case he was presiding. The report in Times of Malta refers to this exorcism business in its heading but says very little about [...]

Quick Owen Bonnici, call your colleague in Bulgaria

2018-10-11T11:18:15+02:00Thu, 11th Oct '18, 11:06|

Owen Bonnici needs to get on the phone double quick with the head street sweeper of Ruse in Bulgaria. We can't have flowers and candles and a picture of a journalist left on a public memorial now, can we? It would be a travesty. The photo was on today's The Malta Independent.

They can’t be left alone

2018-10-11T11:04:00+02:00Thu, 11th Oct '18, 11:02|

Civil society activists rightly point out that they are distinct from politicians even though they may find themselves agreeing with some of them. The vocation of the two is different. Civil society is not burdened by the needs of strategy, partisan tactics, collegial solidarity and the plague of consistency. They mean what they say when [...]

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