Hey Joe Brincat … looks like it will be some time before you admire the Great Siege Memorial again

2018-10-23T14:37:05+02:00Tue, 23rd Oct '18, 14:37|

So Owen Bonnici gave an account in Parliament of The Great Restoration of The Great Siege Memorial in Valletta. He said he spent €1,600 in three weeks worth of “cleaning the base, removing wax and oil stains, grouting and repairing of worn areas”. Assuming the materials came for free, and by the sound of the [...]

Mistaken identity

2018-10-23T13:54:02+02:00Tue, 23rd Oct '18, 13:54|

Google "Malta Today". This comes up. Without the red box of course. Maybe the real editor should have a word with Google.

Daphne Caruana Galizia awarded Transparency International Anti-Corruption Award

2018-10-23T11:43:31+02:00Tue, 23rd Oct '18, 11:43|

Transparency International has awarded Daphne Caruana Galizia and Spanish whistleblower and campaigner Ana Garrido Ramos the 2018 Anti-Corruption Award. The awards were presented at a ceremony at the 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Copenhagen this evening. Daphne Caruana Galizia’s son Matthew and husband Peter collected her award. Matthew Caruana Galizia said: “The bomb that [...]

They give the Nobel Prize. We sell Passports.

2018-10-23T11:31:45+02:00Tue, 23rd Oct '18, 09:52|

This is a feature on German weekly DIE ZEIT. My translation: "The Useless Comparison: What is the prize money for the Nobel Prize this year? 860,682 euro. The equivalent of the price for 1.32 Maltese Passports. "Source: nobelprize.com (600,000 SEK at the exchange rate of 8 October 2018), Malta Individual Investor Programm Agency." We used [...]

Expats in the gaming industry worst hit by Satabank shutdown

2018-10-23T09:27:04+02:00Tue, 23rd Oct '18, 09:27|

Employees of the gaming industry are among the worst affected individuals by the current freeze on withdrawal from Satabank accounts. These employees are expats who were unable to use any other retail bank in Malta without insurmountable bureaucracy and restrictions on higher risk business. Satabank was considered as the go-to retail bank and new employees [...]

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