BBC: From our own correspondent. John Sweeney.

2018-10-22T18:34:10+02:00Sun, 21st Oct '18, 09:18|

This is the script of John Sweeney's From Our Own Correspondent feature on the BBC after he participated in Tuesday's March for Truth and Justice. A crowd of seven thousand or so stood in silence in the main street in the capital Valetta, holding their phones up with flashlights on, a very twenty-first-century tribute in [...]

Cold feet

2018-10-21T09:00:26+02:00Sun, 21st Oct '18, 09:00|

They tried it out on One TV but in Saviour Balzan they find a willing ally. So the eyewitness who told the camera of France 2 he had seen Chris Cardona speak to Alfred Degiorgio before the latter’s arrest has since told the Police he had lied about it. When do you know that a [...]

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