All hail Tony too?

2018-10-04T15:39:01+02:00Thu, 4th Oct '18, 15:39| It is right for Adrian Delia, as leader of the PN, to accept the General Workers’ Union invitation to speak at their anniversary conference. It’s perfectly civil to do so. He’s also right to acknowledge their valuable contribution to the country’s history and well being. There’s no doubt that apart from the great sweeps [...]

Edward Scicluna, was the hope drunk?

2018-10-04T14:27:30+02:00Thu, 4th Oct '18, 14:27|

  Read this extract from this morning’s digest (Brussels Playbook) in Politico. I’m reproducing here but here’s the link to the original. “DIPLOMATIC INCIDENT I: Malta’s Finance Minister Edward Scicluna was unpleasantly surprised when he opened Wednesday’s newspapers and read this FT story. In it, Justice Commissioner Vĕra Jourová announced she’s preparing to issue a binding order [...]

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