How does Adrian Delia deal with accusations by his own wife that he’s a bully? By going on a radio station he only has access to because of his job and bullies anyone daring to speak about it.

It’s not the first time the man was in a corner and put on the foaming at the mouth act with some macho I’ll be standing in adversity crap.

This morning he “warned that he would take action against those who were taking advantage of his personal struggles to score political points”.

Clearly he’s not talking about Labour. They are cashing in on advantages thanks to him but certainly not by doing anything to damage him more than he damages himself.

Clearly he’s not talking about his wife. Whatever they might have said to each other I doubt very much she was ever accused of seeking “to score political points”. It’s not like she’s running for anything.

Clearly he’s concerned with anyone who might even flirt with the idea of political change in the PN.

Adrian Delia, like everyone else, read this morning’s leader of The Sunday Times. That leader told his colleagues to remove him.

In his mind, they’re wrong and serving someone’s interests over his. In his paranoid bunker mentality there are no objective reasons for him to end this tragedy.

But he does understand that there is increasing pressure — not on him, there’s hardly any point in that anymore — but on his own Deputy Leaders, his Secretary General, the Presidents of his party’s committees, his Parliamentary Group, his party administrators to screw their courage in its sticking place and kick him out.

He can’t have that. He can’t have anyone around him even think of doing their job and tapping on his shoulder telling him it’s time.

How does he deal with them? Bullying. He goes on radio and says this microphone is mine so shut up and listen. I will hunt you down. I will brand you a traitor. I will throw you to the crowd that answers the call of the party flag no matter where it sends them so they can tear you to bits.

No dialogue. No explanations. Just braggadocio with a sprinkling of boisterous, rabid bombast.

He may even start working out the political calculus that this cannot have a happy ending at any time but that he’ll tear everything down and destroy everyone else before facing up to his own responsibilities.

At this dramatic juncture, it is hard to imagine what could illustrate better the words ‘not fit for purpose’.