When a father of three was killed in cold blood merely for being where he was when two armed terrorists ran out of cats to torture, our leaders comforted our conscience by saying the racist killings of innocent people is not Malta.

Go ask it to 15,000 holocaust denying, baby-killing, Hitler-worshiping bigots who voted Norman Lowell today above all other preferences.

Fifteen thousand people. Put them together in one place and you’ll realise that we have far more virulent baby-eating Nazis living among us than the non-Maltese non-Catholic invaders that fucker Maurice Mizzi was so worried about on The Sunday Times this morning.

And Maurice Mizzi is not a rabble-rousing demagogue. He’s an ombudsman appointed by the government to speak for future generations as yet unborn.

And the Prime Minister who appointed him and to whom he reports was too busy jerking off at his own mirror to even realise that a state official has argued for racial profiling, religious discrimination and forced exile.

I swear if I come across anyone who tells me again that I am exaggerating the problem of racism in this country, I’ll kick them in the teeth. Or at least I would if they crouched a little and stayed very still.