Do you feel proud yet?

2019-05-02T12:56:27+02:00Thu, 2nd May '19, 12:56|

At Zurich airport today. Your identity, your heritage, your culture, your nationhood, your pride, your citizenship. Put a price on it and let them take it away.

World Press Freedom Day: Protest in Rome

2019-05-02T12:53:52+02:00Thu, 2nd May '19, 12:53|

On World Press Freedom Day tomorrow, I’ll have the honour to speak about the life and work of Daphne Caruana Galizia at a public sit-in protest organised by the Italian National Press Federation (FNSI) at the Piazza Santi Apostoli in Rome just outside the offices of European institutions in the Italian capital. Other speakers at [...]

Mannequins on the move

2019-05-02T12:32:42+02:00Thu, 2nd May '19, 12:32|

You see a news story like this on the national broadcaster about a man who marked May Day with 11 mannequins outside his main door presumably discarded by a factory showroom selling corporate uniforms or a second rate sex shop whose line of blow-up dolls has been withdrawn because of reported spontaneous combustion … And [...]

Jurassic Park

2019-05-02T12:09:21+02:00Thu, 2nd May '19, 12:09|

Today we start our sixteenth year as members of the European Union. On 30th April 2004, if you asked me to picture what hell for me would look like, I would have said it would be an eternity of this before my eyes. More fool me for thinking two days later that future was no [...]

Making things worse

2019-05-02T12:05:08+02:00Thu, 2nd May '19, 12:02|

Minister Owen Bonnici said today he’s publishing a bill to split the prosecutorial from the advisory role of the Attorney General. He says he’s implementing the recommendations of the Venice Commission but in reality, he’s doing no such thing. He’s staying clear of all the material suggestions the Venice Commission has made, making this a [...]

GUEST SERIES: Malta in the EU (1)

2019-05-02T11:40:48+02:00Thu, 2nd May '19, 11:40|

This is the first in a three-part series prepared by a guest writer known to me. Muscat’s economic policy is reminiscent of the gang of wreckers in Daphne Du Maurier’s novel ‘Jamaica Inn’. These wreckers made a fortune by tricking ships laden with goods into steering themselves on the rocks. The goods were then plundered [...]

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