Hatemongers pursuivant

2019-05-20T17:14:26+02:00Mon, 20th May '19, 17:14|

Sundry bigots, racists, holocaust deniers, Nazi-sympathisers and self-described patriots are on my Facebook page saying I’m spreading hate with my posts criticising them. They say they’re not the ones spreading hate speech, I am. I don’t criticise them for their speech as much as for their ideas. Although words are the tools of my trade, [...]

GUEST POST: Heartbroken

2019-05-20T09:48:46+02:00Mon, 20th May '19, 09:48|

The author is a Maltese-American who has contributed guest-posts to this website in the past. Malta f’qalbi, imma qalbi miksura I can only hope these words find their way to an understanding heart. It’s a tall order in today’s world it seems. Most things written or stated are viewed through a lens of preference and [...]


2019-05-20T09:04:36+02:00Mon, 20th May '19, 09:04|

Joseph Muscat and Adrian Delia yesterday spoke about racist discourse as if others had done it. I despise everything the Norman Lowells and the Patriotti of this world stand for. Norman Lowell openly denies the holocaust. He speaks about killing people in a way most people would feel awkward recommending leaving poison for rats. The [...]

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