An abortive referendum

2019-05-12T21:52:27+02:00Sun, 12th May '19, 21:52|

I will stick to my determined and stubborn policy of not discussing the pros and cons of abortion while the matter is not a real issue of choice for voters here. I will likely not go into the merits of the issue even if it were to become a real political question, at least until [...]

GUEST SERIES: Malta politics, past, present and future (8)

2019-05-07T07:53:57+02:00Sun, 12th May '19, 17:38|

Continues from yesterday's article on 'Children of the Moon' Adrian Delia will not only be a liability for the Nationalist Party but will also become a threat to the future of democracy in Malta. If despite the MEP election results, Delia vows to stay on, it will only infuriate the Nationalists further, making matters worse. [...]

The chicken monarch

2019-05-12T16:24:25+02:00Sun, 12th May '19, 16:24|

A decision is expected this week on Adrian Delia’s request to the court to order the attorney general to publish the Egrant report in full. There is a chance the decision will be favourable and the leader of the opposition becomes in possession of secret knowledge that so far has been the exclusive purview of [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Choosing choice

2019-05-12T09:02:18+02:00Sun, 12th May '19, 09:02|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "It helps to understand why we got to have a European Parliament and European elections in the first place. The alien that snatched the body of Martin Scicluna and now walks around impersonating him wrote last Thursday “our six representatives are not sent to Brussels or Strasbourg [...]

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