Court hears pleas in Repubblika’s case for judicial independence

2019-05-06T18:07:44+02:00Mon, 6th May '19, 18:07|

The First Hall of the Civil Court today heard arguments from lawyers for Repubblika and the Attorney General on the case brought by Repubblika challenging the recent appointment of six new members of the judiciary under rules the Venice Commission found meant Malta’s judiciary was not independent. The Court heard arguments from Simon Busuttil and [...]

Konrad Mizzi refused permission to appeal decision to allow Repubblika and Simon Busuttil to intervene in his human rights complaint

2019-05-06T17:59:02+02:00Mon, 6th May '19, 17:59|

The Constitutional Court turned down a request by Konrad Mizzi’s lawyers today to allow him to appeal from its earlier decision to allow Repubblika and MP Simon Busuttil to intervene in his case claiming his human rights are breached by the law that allowed Repubblika and Simon Busuttil to file a complaint he broke the [...]

Pelin Unker prison sentence quashed

2019-05-07T17:19:23+02:00Mon, 6th May '19, 17:45|

Pelin Unker with MEP David Casa and Repubblika President Marion Pace Asciak. (16.03.2019) Maltese MEP and free speech campaigner David Casa announced earlier today in a tweet that Turkish journalist Pelin Unker has had her 13-month prison sentence for defamation quashed by the Turkish superior courts. Unker had been convicted of defamation after [...]

GUEST SERIES: Malta politics, past, present and future (2)

2019-05-06T17:38:25+02:00Mon, 6th May '19, 17:38|

Continues from yesterday's guest article on "the psychology of the Labour movement". The paranoia of the socialist high priest is phenomenal. Any venial sin of the infidels is magnified into a cardinal sin that must be severely punished. This because it is an act of aggression against the socialist god’s metaphysical body made up of [...]

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