GUEST SERIES: Malta politics, past, present and future (6)

2019-05-07T07:31:24+02:00Fri, 10th May '19, 17:38|

Continues from yesterday's article on 'the Maltese Enlightenment'. Displacing Labour is no easy task. Rather, these socialist parties self-destruct as a result of hubristic economic mismanagement. In Dom Mintoff’s bleak republic, he indulged in strident social engineering but was ultimately thwarted in his objective of a one-party state by the strong leadership of the Nationalist [...]

Customer advocate firm ranks Malta airport among world’s worst

2019-05-10T14:49:00+02:00Fri, 10th May '19, 13:34|

AirHelp has ranked Malta International Airport among the world’s worst in its yearly rankings. It ranked Air Malta, Malta’s state-owned airline a mediocre 51st in a ranking of 72 airlines. Air Help is a global “justice as a service” company that helps customer manage complaints against airlines and airports. MIA ranks 128th in a ranking [...]

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