She wasn’t far off. She never was.

2019-05-26T21:48:55+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 21:48|

As we turn our attention from the fascist, populist megalomaniacs marching over our Maltese democracy to the fascist, populist megalomaniacs marching all over Europe with the other results in the UK, France, Italy, Hungary and so on, I leave you with one last thought about today's results in Malta. Adrian Delia became leader of the [...]

“This is not Malta,” they said

2019-05-26T20:51:40+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 20:51|

When a father of three was killed in cold blood merely for being where he was when two armed terrorists ran out of cats to torture, our leaders comforted our conscience by saying the racist killings of innocent people is not Malta. Go ask it to 15,000 holocaust denying, baby-killing, Hitler-worshiping bigots who voted Norman [...]

Plus ça change

2019-05-26T18:51:05+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 18:51|

It’s bad form to be self-referential but I do so in the humble recognition of the fact that writing this morning’s The Sunday Times article ahead of the polling stations opening for business did not require any particular gift of foresight. The result was almost a foregone conclusion. There was a brief moment there when [...]

They think it’s all over

2019-05-26T16:03:22+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 16:03|

Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri -- and Joseph Muscat -- have hoped for an electoral outcome that buries those who expose their corruption and crime since Daphne Caruana Galizia discovered what they did in Panama. A lot has happened in that time that would convince them for a while they have found liberation from the [...]

Fine tuning indeed

2019-05-26T15:57:43+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 15:57|

‘A little fine tuning’ is what Clyde Puli said the PN needs now. Yeah. A little light dusting and this ship can occupy this spot on the bottom of the Atlantic for another generation. That it’s an unenviable, maddeningly difficult job to put on a brave face in the depths of disaster is granted. There [...]

Apparatchiks Numbers Five and Six

2019-05-26T11:13:11+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 10:40|

Robert Musumeci left the TVM’s studios with what he must think is his killing quip. The PN is paying the price for “a blog for 10 years that destroyed people”. After all this time that Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed in a car bomb, they still can’t bring themselves to say her name. But they [...]

Apparatchik Number Four

2019-05-26T09:55:42+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 09:55|

I should have long rested my case, but of all people, Emanuel Cuschieri supports it. One hymn book for spokespeople of the PN and spokespeople of the PL, crafted by Great Leader HQ.

Apparatchik Number Three

2019-05-26T09:46:18+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 09:46|

Apparatchik Number 3 – after Hermann Schiavone and Robert Musumeci – David Agius continues to develop the official PN interpretation of the impending disaster it will face when what has been expected for two years is officially recorded by the Electoral Commission. David Agius takes the prompt from Robert Musumeci: yesterday’s vote is not a [...]

Apparatchik Number Two

2019-05-26T08:37:16+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 08:37|

After Apparatchik Number 1 in the Adrian Delia universe – Hermann Schiavone – was wheeled out on TVM to declare that the devastating performance of the PN he and everyone expects today should not reflect on the PN’s leader Adrian Delia, Apparatchik Number 2 is now reinforcing that message. It’s Robert Musumeci, Adrian Delia’s henchman [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The morning after

2019-05-26T18:51:51+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 08:21|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Muscat and Delia are gripped in a state of mutually assured survival. Like Victor Frankenstein and his Creature, they despise each other and yet one can’t be who they are without the other. "Fear of the grotesque staying power of Muscat makes Delia’s job too unenviable for [...]

Fixing the narrative

2019-05-26T07:57:52+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 07:57|

Herman Schiavone, officially an Independent MP under suspension from the Nationalist Party, in practice most loyal apparatchik in Adrian Delia's universe, was first on TVM this morning spelling out the -- altogether predictable -- brief of the PN following from the expected election results from yesterday's vote. The TVM interview came minutes after this post [...]

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