Words are like stones

2019-05-09T18:27:26+02:00Thu, 9th May '19, 18:27|

A few days ago I attended an event in Rome where representatives of churches and religious denominations, together with the Italian national union of journalists, Amnesty International and other free speech organisations signed 'the Assisi charter'. This is a document that is a manual for people who write, whether as professional journalists, or as individuals [...]

STAR COMMENT: Boiled frogs

2019-05-09T17:57:10+02:00Thu, 9th May '19, 17:57|

This is from Joe Bloggs under my earlier post on the Panama Gang's decision not to appeal the inquiry started by Magistrate Charmaine Galea into the Panama Papers and 17 Black. "A boiled frog only realises that it is dead when it is too late. Why would Konrad Mizzi need to appeal & waste more [...]

GUEST SERIES: Malta politics, past, present and future (5)

2019-05-07T07:25:30+02:00Thu, 9th May '19, 17:38|

Continues from yesterday's article on 'Mintoffiansim and Muscatism. Labour's twisted theology in practice'. Part 3: The Maltese Enlightenment Dom Mintoff’s hero was Napoleon, the most accomplished alumnus of the French Enlightenment. The Illuminati derived their name from Lucifer and consider themselves disciples of the Angel of Light. Their synthetic precepts are a pagan distortion of [...]

It’s not just Konrad

2019-05-09T09:29:55+02:00Thu, 9th May '19, 09:29|

The Malta Independent this morning recorded that Konrad Mizzi has decided not to appeal Magistrate Doreen Clarke’s order for Magistrate Charmaine Galea to gather evidence of his involvement in the Panama Papers and the 17 Black scandal. That’s only part of the story. The real story is that now the time allowed for appeal from [...]

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