GUEST POST: Of Realism and Political Choice

2019-05-23T19:45:17+02:00Thu, 23rd May '19, 19:45|

(Political) Realism often revolves around power and security, not only in respects of international relations but up to an extent also in domestic environs. Realism, expounded up by Thucydides, Machiavelli and later Hobbes and Rousseau, is a general theory on how politics usually work. Focussing on a domestic enclave it theorises on human behaviour that [...]

GUEST POST: There are other ways

2019-05-23T19:40:28+02:00Thu, 23rd May '19, 19:39|

Every Maltese election is defined, at least in part, by fear. Fear that the wrong party will gain a majority, and with that majority and increased power will come repression and punishment, for daring to resist and for daring to be different. In this climate of fear, we often end up voting not for the [...]

A month from now

2019-05-23T19:19:46+02:00Thu, 23rd May '19, 19:19|

Rule of law: the #ECJ will deliver its judgment relating to the lowering of the retirement age for Supreme Court judges in #Poland on the 24th of June (C-619/18) — EU Court of Justice (@EUCourtPress) May 23, 2019 A month from today the European Court of Justice will decide on the important case the European [...]

More democracy in action

2019-05-23T10:03:12+02:00Thu, 23rd May '19, 10:03|

Joe Sammut gets you a Fiat Panda. But if you're ambitions are more contained, Owen Bonnici will get you baked beans. Make sure you dress up for that one as well.

Specialist blog on Repubblika’s court case: “important questions on how EU law can be democratised”

2019-05-23T09:59:50+02:00Thu, 23rd May '19, 09:59|

Justin-Borg Barthet is a Senior Lecturer in European Law at Aberdeen University. He published today this blog post on specialist Constitutional Law web-site "Verfassungsblog" (Verfassungs is German for 'constitutional') commenting on yesterday's Court decision to continue to hear Repubblika's arguments claiming Malta's method of judicial appointments is in breach of EU law. On the question [...]

The carrot and stick approach

2019-05-23T09:38:24+02:00Thu, 23rd May '19, 09:38|

Look at this post by Norman Vella. It explains how for 6 years he’s been in court waiting for the government that he has sued to produce one witness or one shred of evidence why in their view he was lawfully dismissed. Six years, and today he got told the case won’t continue before October. [...]

Democracy in action

2019-05-23T09:20:10+02:00Thu, 23rd May '19, 09:20|

What does Joe Sammut think about climate change, sustainable economy, social inclusion, infrastructural priorities, the two state solution for Israel and Palestine? Who cares? He got me a car! They look mighty pleased.

Why? Because you wish me not to.

2019-05-23T09:16:28+02:00Thu, 23rd May '19, 09:14|

Candidates often find flattering the furious attention from the opposite side of politics. At least they say they're flattered. Cyrus Engerer might say that I think even the hardest core, mindless zombie Labourite should not vote for him because I somehow think he's some form of political inconvenience. When of course the reason I think [...]

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