Not feeling the heat yet?

2019-05-27T18:27:46+02:00Mon, 27th May '19, 18:27|

Adrian Delia has held tight through crises of his leadership in the nineteen months he’s been the leader of the PN. He’s hardly done anything else. Things have been so generally rough for him, he recently appraised the state of health of his leadership by saying, rather forlornly, that he didn’t have to worry about [...]

A little myth busting

2019-05-27T17:24:19+02:00Mon, 27th May '19, 17:24|

  Joseph Muscat yesterday claimed he had achieved the largest Labour Party majority in the history of his party specifically mentioning having beaten Sir Paul Boffa's previous record. That was before he needed to revise down his party's estimate of the extent of the voting majority his party obtained. But even before that happened Joseph [...]

This is a challenge for the leadership of the PN

2019-05-27T15:23:40+02:00Mon, 27th May '19, 15:23|

Alex Perici Calascione ran for PN leader with Frank Portelli, Chris Said and Adrian Delia. He came third in that campaign. Both for winners and losers leadership campaigns can raise the stature of participants and not all that thrown in the hat fancy their chances of winning. They hope however that their dignity, their presence [...]

GUESTPOST: Muscat’s popularity is shrinking

2019-05-27T15:09:45+02:00Mon, 27th May '19, 14:49|

This guest post takes a cold hard look at the numbers after the votes have been counted, and not the 'projections' that Joseph Muscat based his auto-canonisation on. Here's one myth busted by a contributor known to me. We have some more bad news for Muscat. His popularity is shrinking. My analysis is a number-crunching [...]

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