It’s meltdown in the PN as all branches that are not in control of Jean Pierre Debono are lining up to disown his co-option to Parliament.

Deputy Leader Robert Arrigo used very harsh terms to describe both Jean Pierre Debono and his wife Kristy Debono. “They are not sheep,” he wrote. “They’re wolves”.

MPs and MEPs also started taking sides some of them explicitly lauding the example of Mark Anthony Sammut who resigned the Presidency of the Executive Committee of the Nationalist Party in the midst of the ongoing chaos.

Therese Commodini Cachia and Claudette Buttigieg said “enough is enough,” decrying “lies, deceit and shady behaviour”.

MEP David Casa praised the example of Mark Anthony Sammut.

The youth branch of the PN — the MŻPN — said the situation in the PN was now “untenable” and demanded political responsibility. And the party branch for people in the professions — FPPN — recalled the duty of all people in positions within the PN to “stand to be counted”.

The isolation of Adrian Delia and his narrow circle has never been more marked.

It’s starting to feel like Birnam Wood is coming to Dunsinane.