Atletico Nacional

2019-07-15T20:00:03+02:00Mon, 15th Jul '19, 20:00|

In the 1980s Pablo Escobar sponsored Medellin football club Atletico Nacional. He was a football fan, loved his club and in any case had more money to spend than he knew what to do with it. And now, for something completely different. Cospicua side St George's Football Club were second division champions last season. Newly [...]

Three judges said

2019-07-15T19:42:15+02:00Mon, 15th Jul '19, 19:42|

This morning's judgement is a clear pronouncement that Owen Bonnici's "reforms" on judicial appointments are worthless The government, fronted mainly by Owen Bonnici, has repeatedly claimed Labour has enhanced judicial independence by amending the Constitution in 2016 and appointing a “Judicial Appointments Committee”. The official story is that since the Judicial Appointments Committee is presided [...]


2019-07-15T19:23:17+02:00Mon, 15th Jul '19, 19:23|

I can’t get over yesterday’s editorial of The Malta Independent on Sunday. Believe me I tried. The editor in chief of The Malta Independent, Rachel Attard, used to be a good friend of mine. Her partner, Lou Bondi, used to be a good friend of mine too even as he was, as he still is, [...]

Nuts and bananas

2019-07-15T18:41:43+02:00Mon, 15th Jul '19, 18:41|

On his Facebook page, Frank Portelli is on one of his mad rants. His latest obsession is the idea that he “knows” Daphne Caruana Galizia got paid — he says something about a million euro though it is not entirely clear who paid the million to whom — to write about someone. Or something. Or [...]

Diary clash

2019-07-15T11:27:58+02:00Mon, 15th Jul '19, 11:24|

When one organises an event they ought not to expect the rest of the country to clear their decks. At around 7.30pm of the 16th of every month since October 2017, civil society organisations and groups have gathered in Republic Street, Valletta to renew their protest after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The 16th [...]

33,900 people sign petition calling for independent inquiry into killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia

2019-07-15T10:59:34+02:00Mon, 15th Jul '19, 10:59|

An online petition calling for an independent inquiry into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia has so far raised just shy of 34,000 signatures. The petition, on, was started by veteran Italian journalist Sandro Ruotolo and anti-mafia journalist Paolo Borrometi. Both journalists live under armed guard because of threats on their life by organised [...]

We have a walnut

2019-07-15T10:31:09+02:00Mon, 15th Jul '19, 10:30|

You first read it here, but it is now official. Kurt Farrugia, affectionately known as the coconut, is moving to Malta Enterprise as its CEO. Given that this is the second time this has happened, we can suspect a pattern emerging of the promotion of Malta's foreign direct investment becoming a retirement home for prime [...]

Repubblika request for Chief Justice recusal denied

2019-07-15T10:13:35+02:00Mon, 15th Jul '19, 10:13|

Chief Justice Joseph Azzopardi has today refused Repubblika’s request for him to recuse himself from hearing the appeal in the case filed by the civil rights NGO on judicial appointments. The request was made in a setting last Monday when lawyers for Repubblika Jason Azzopardi and Simon Busuttil argued that the Chief Justice was conflicted [...]

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