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David Casa is one as of today. The position will not require him to wear a white toga praetexta with a broad purple stripe on its border, though I imagine he’d cut a dash in an Ancient Roman outfit. But in the European Parliament, quaestors are elected by their peers to run administrative and financial [...]

The Nuremberg defence

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Granted that for political parties to work you need some form of a chain of command. If everyone says what they’re thinking at the moment and shoots from the hip, if there’s no coherence and no coordination, a party is no longer worthy of that name: it becomes chaos. But political parties are not armies. [...]


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Collecting 5,000 signatures is an impressive administrative effort. Supporters of Adrian Delia wanted to be seen to amount to more than the rebels who called for a confidence vote in the leader, hopefully killing the argument just by showing up. Of course, that’s the half of the story they want us to think of.  The [...]

You call this safe?

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Photo: Mahmud Turkia/AFP/Getty Images Forty-four migrants, many of them women and children, were killed in Libya when an air strike hit the detention centre they were locked up in just outside Tripoli. Another 130 people at least were injured in the attack. The migrants were prisoners of the Libyan government fulfilling its obligations [...]

16 July: Vigil for Truth and Justice

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The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has joined the worldwide call for a proper investigation into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia and for impunity to end for those who killed her and those who got away with the crimes she revealed. The same call in her country must be kept up. The [...]

‘Almost’: The Graphic Novel

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From the capable hands of BugM on Twitter: “Almost” pic.twitter.com/2e2rWH7G40— BugM (@bugdavem) July 3, 2019 “Almost” - international friends edition. pic.twitter.com/AtAft4izGx— BugM (@bugdavem) July 3, 2019 “Almost” pic.twitter.com/TLEW2jrKSL— BugM (@bugdavem) July 2, 2019

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