Fascist cleric

2019-07-31T15:08:01+02:00Wed, 31st Jul '19, 15:08|

Fr David Muscat is a fascist cleric who lives in Mosta and preaches elsewhere. On Monday he was celebrating Norman Lowell’s birthday which for local neo-Nazis is a cult event modelled on the Fuehrergeburtstag or April 20th, celebrated in Nazi Germany as a national holiday in the cult of the Nazi dictator. Fr David Muscat [...]

GUEST SERIES: Owen Bonnici’s oath (1)

2019-07-31T10:44:55+02:00Wed, 31st Jul '19, 10:44|

This series by Godfrey Leone Ganado continues from the earlier series 'Joseph Muscat's oath' and looks into what Owen Bonnici testified in the proceedings brought by Leader of Opposition Adrian Delia against the Attorney General for not giving him a copy of the full report of the Egrant inquiry. As he had done with the [...]

It would look lovely on the Champs-Élysées

2019-07-31T10:18:12+02:00Wed, 31st Jul '19, 10:18|

Or the Via Condotti, the Kurfürstendamm, the Nevsky Prospekt or the Newbury Street. The Labour Party’s tenancy in Triq ir-Repubblika, il-Belt Valletta, has upgraded from “Stew Rabbit, Horse Meat, Chicken Brest, Fillet, Ribeye, Vel with Any Sause” (sic, sic, sic, sic, and so on), to what probably passes for sophisticated and elegant at the Valletta [...]

Here’s how we lost correspondent banks

2019-07-31T09:53:48+02:00Wed, 31st Jul '19, 09:53|

The trial of Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad in New York over alleged bank fraud and busting sanctions against Iran is due to start next October. In the present pre-trial stage the parties are discussing whether the judge appointed to hear the case, Andrew L Carter Jr should recuse himself from hearing the case because his [...]

Silvio Valletta removed from FIAU, 8 months after activists’ demands.

2019-07-31T09:18:43+02:00Wed, 31st Jul '19, 09:16|

Deputy Police Commissioner Silvio Valletta has been removed from the Board of Governors of the FIAU by notice in Monday’s government gazette. The move comes 8 months after Occupy Justice activists and this website demanded Silvio Valletta’s removal in a letter to the Police Commissioner and the government. Silvio Valletta’s dismissal was demanded by rule [...]

GUEST POST: When the end justifies the lying means

2019-07-31T08:30:56+02:00Wed, 31st Jul '19, 08:30|

Yesterday's Appeals Court decision in the libel suit brought by Jason Azzopardi against Owen Bonnici is a shocker. A lawyer with specialist expertise in libel law writes why. So the Court of Appeal yesterday rejected a libel suit filed by Jason Azzopardi and upheld Owen Bonnici’s defence. To many, this may seem like another run-of-the-mill [...]

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