GUEST POST: ‘We are open in everything’ – A Trip to the American University of Malta

2019-07-07T11:54:32+02:00Sun, 7th Jul '19, 11:54|

Lizzie Eldridge goes under-cover following up her series on this website on the American University of Malta with a little exploration of her own. It is reasonable to expect Adrian Hillman will now post photo ID's of Ms Eldridge at the security guard's desk. You’ve got to wonder which dumb-ass schmuck head PR person had [...]

Benchmarking unity

2019-07-07T11:27:57+02:00Sun, 7th Jul '19, 11:27|

General Councillors of the Nationalist Party are being convened later this month to vote on a confidence motion in Party leader Adrian Delia. The vote is beset by confusion, designed and intended by the leader himself. The last thing he wants from the process is clarity. The most obvious contradictory message to Councillors is that [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: But Louis Galea…

2019-07-07T10:51:11+02:00Sun, 7th Jul '19, 10:09|

From my article in The Sunday Times today:  "Why would Galea allow himself to be part of a charade? Has he reconciled the doubts he had about Delia’s suitability for leadership? Has Delia’s election absolved him of his past like a sacral bath? What comes into play in the present situation is a hope that [...]

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