Even God doesn’t like my blog, apparently

2019-07-26T20:45:07+02:00Fri, 26th Jul '19, 15:32|

The meme above is my attempt at humour but here below is the inspiration. Sample some of the posts on my Facebook wall. There are other Facebook walls that are featuring yours truly today but I should like to think it does not get much worse than this. It's a nice job if you can [...]

Strategic timing

2019-07-26T02:12:23+02:00Fri, 26th Jul '19, 02:12|

The PN statement defending the Great Leader from my “attakk viljakk u personali fuq Adrian Delia” makes a lot of fuss about the fact that today’s stories appeared before Adrian Delia faces a confidence motion at the PN General Council this Saturday. In fact, the full heading of the statement, reproduced below, is “Cowardly and [...]

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