Full of sound and fury, stratifying nothing.

2019-07-03T12:01:17+02:00Wed, 3rd Jul '19, 12:01|

To bring down the divisions within the Nationalist Party to old-fashioned Marxist class conflict is nostalgic, simplistic and wrong. James Debono did so for MaltaToday. He is one of the sharpest minds writing in the press and his deep seeping in ideological analysis more often than not provides an alternative and sound insight. This one [...]

UPDATED AGAIN: #almostimportant

2019-07-03T18:36:12+02:00Wed, 3rd Jul '19, 09:48|

This post is being updated as more witty posts show up on Twitter and Facebook. One TV's coverage that celebrated the fact that Joseph Muscat almost made President of the European Council started a trail of hilarity on social media. Here are some tweets and Facebook posts of people who almost made it, starting with [...]

The case of the non-ambassador

2019-07-03T09:20:10+02:00Wed, 3rd Jul '19, 09:20|

Several Sicilian town councils are expressing misgivings and regret about the expenses they have made in hosting Ray Bondin believing he was either Malta’s Ambassador to UNESCO or an official from the UN organisation itself. Over several years Ray Bondin has ‘advised’ Sicilian town councils in their applications to UNESCO to have their towns or [...]

Fumata grigia

2019-07-03T07:29:38+02:00Wed, 3rd Jul '19, 07:29|

Coverage on the national broadcaster TVM and on Malta Today was pathetic because it was possibly the worst day ever to follow the line of the Labour Party's media on anything. Labour had been getting ready for months to celebrate the transfiguration of the "kink" Joseph Muscat into the blinding light of European glory. In retrospect, [...]

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