THE SUNDAY TIMES: The end for some

2019-07-21T18:21:15+02:00Sun, 21st Jul '19, 18:21|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "A year ago Labour campaigned on the moronic mantra that we were living ‘the best of times’. The opiates of easy money and easy charm were still conditioning the reaction of people and a positively Panglossian slogan that should not have worked, did. Last week Muscat said [...]

GUEST SERIES: Joseph Muscat’s oath (2)

2019-07-20T08:56:04+02:00Sun, 21st Jul '19, 08:45|

Continues from yesterday's first post in this series where Godfrey Leone Ganado is analysing extracts from the official transcript of the testimonies of Joseph Muscat and Owen Bonnici in the case filed by Adrian Delia requesting a copy of the Egrant report. The extracts are reproduced in the original Maltese and typing errors have not been corrected. [...]

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