Electoral roll in a state of flux

2019-07-10T17:47:14+02:00Wed, 10th Jul '19, 17:47|

In their letter to the Chairman of the PN’s Executive Committee, petitioners demanding a confidence vote in Adrian Delia complained they were told yesterday that the list of the members of the General Council eligible to vote on the motion at the next Council was not frozen on the day the motion was filed — [...]

Planned PN Council confidence vote ‘not based on transparency, honesty’ – petitioners

2019-07-10T15:10:48+02:00Wed, 10th Jul '19, 13:45|

Promoters of a confidence motion in Adrian Delia have openly complained PN Secretary General Clyde Puli is betraying instructions of the Executive Committee on the terms of a general council called for 27 July. The Council was convened after more than 150 petitioners asked for a General Council meeting to be held. The party administration [...]

A serene atmosphere

2019-07-10T09:54:47+02:00Wed, 10th Jul '19, 09:54|

Watch Herman Grech’s interview with Louis Galea this morning on timesofmalta.com. There are many things you can take from that conversation. I’ll focus on one. Louis Galea confronts the last word in defence of Adrian Delia’s rule against all basic common sense and crushes it: it does not matter that he was “elett mit-tesserati”. As [...]

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