The government should publish the Moneyval report

2019-07-24T13:50:42+02:00Wed, 24th Jul '19, 13:50|

Even if Edward Scicluna claims to disagree with any of it, it does not help anyone that the government keeps the report of the Council of Europe's committee of experts on the evaluation of anti-money laundering measures and the financing of terrorism (Moneyval) under wraps. The Moneyval process is in principle confidential. But Rule 29 [...]

GUEST POST: Of killing marigolds

2019-07-24T11:18:23+02:00Wed, 24th Jul '19, 11:18|

Sent in by Libertas: No matter how hopeful and optimistic, no matter up to what extent a party outsider affords party politicians the benefit of doubt, no matter an outsider’s determination to encourage reconciliation and dialogue amongst humans of a different mind, the historical event being held on the 27th July at the Stamperija is [...]

Does he really have the time to watch movies?

2019-07-24T08:54:35+02:00Wed, 24th Jul '19, 08:54|

The Government Gazette announced yesterday that the newly minted chief of government communications has been given a part-time job. Matthew Carbone, who one would expect is working 20 hour days, has been appointed to the Film Review Board which is set up by law to watch movies that another board has classified with an age [...]

He said. They said.

2019-07-24T12:06:22+02:00Wed, 24th Jul '19, 08:43|

Jean Claude Juncker enjoyed his day in the sun yesterday. He is nearing his retirement and looks like he has as much appetite for battle as a lottery winner. Clearly Joseph Muscat’s charms still work wonders on him and the easy ride our prime minister had with Juncker’s Commission was perfectly represented in that embrace. [...]

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