GUEST POST: Lowering standards

2019-07-19T16:06:07+02:00Fri, 19th Jul '19, 16:06|

Handed in by 'Lake'. In medieval days, kings were supposedly bestowed onto their people by God himself. A “divine” mechanism which instilled immediate, forced and unconditional loyalty towards the newly crowned King.    Unlike medieval kings, I always thought that modern day political leaders gained the loyalty of their supporters, over time, through actions and [...]

Screenshots show spies dispatched from PN HQ to follow PN MPs

2019-07-19T14:34:41+02:00Fri, 19th Jul '19, 14:34|

Screenshots of Whatsapp conversations managed by Adrian Delia henchman Julian Micallef have emerged that appear to show he instructed volunteers to follow PN MPs and to take photographs of private meetings they held.  The screenshots that have been verified as authentic by multiple witnesses refer to “JA” (Jason Azzopardi) and “BFA” (Beppe Fenech Adami). Julian [...]

Is Joe Brincat filing a case on this?

2019-07-19T17:40:54+02:00Fri, 19th Jul '19, 12:02|

You may recall that Old Labour grandee (old being an adjective referring to the party, not to the grandee of course) Joe Brincat intervened in a constitutional case I filed against Owen Bonnici and some of his underlings for censoring on a daily basis the truth and justice protest at the feet of the Great [...]

So what’s the atmosphere like?

2019-07-19T11:48:15+02:00Fri, 19th Jul '19, 11:48|

I have learnt with time that good journalists mostly ask questions they already know the answer to. Another international TV news crew was in Malta this week and they wanted to speak to me on an aspect covered in this blog. As with practically all international news teams visiting Malta they have been unsuccessful in [...]

Step by step

2019-07-19T11:27:30+02:00Fri, 19th Jul '19, 11:27|

The Nationalist Party found someone to take on the most poisoned of chalices available at the open bar in Pieta: party treasurer. It can't have been an easy search. Antoine Zammit, who by all accounts is a genuine, honest, sweet, kindhearted, loyal lad, has stepped forward to be the first up the ladder and into [...]

Elow, Stamperija!

2019-07-19T11:02:49+02:00Fri, 19th Jul '19, 10:52|

People who criticise me for criticising the Nationalist Party say I do so because I’m nostalgic for times when I was influential there. Nothing could be further from the truth. For starters even if I worked for government for many years when the PN ran the show, I never amounted to anything in the party. [...]

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