#occupyjustice: About Blooming Time!

2019-07-17T11:31:59+02:00Wed, 17th Jul '19, 11:31|

Press Release by Occupy Justice issued last night: #OccupyJustice activists this evening commemorated 21 months since the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, by forming the Maltese flag out of paper flowers, at the base of the Great Siege Monument.  Before the commencement of the monthly vigil, the activists ‘planted’ the floral design, made up of [...]

Is Johann Buttigieg paying the compensation the court ordered because of his decision?

2019-07-17T11:30:10+02:00Wed, 17th Jul '19, 11:30|

Yesterday's Constitutional Court decision found that the Planning Authority breached the fundamental human rights of the Caruana Galizia family when it removed, twice, a banner they put up on their own property demanding to know the facts about Daphne Caruana Galizia's killing. The records of the case show that the order to remove the banner [...]

Adrian Delia “bullied, shouted and banged” but lost his battle to block a confidence vote in his leadership

2019-07-17T10:18:21+02:00Wed, 17th Jul '19, 10:14|

Participants in yesterday’s meeting of the Executive Committee of the PN described an embattled Adrian Delia, under enormous pressure that is now reflected in a wrathful and uncontrolled behaviour in respect of his detractors. Yesterday’s Executive Committee meeting was called by its new President Alex Perici Calascione after a dispute arose on the text of [...]

Adrian Delia’s ‘right-hand man’ accused of engaging a canvasser to spy on PN leader’s ex-wife; used fake profiles to harass PN MPs

2019-07-17T10:25:53+02:00Wed, 17th Jul '19, 09:46|

Julian Micallef Julian Micallef, formerly the chauffer of the Leader of the Nationalist Party and now recognised as Adrian Delia's "right-hand man", has been accused by a PN activist of arranging for Nickie Vella de Fremaux, Adrian Delia's estranged wife, to be followed and videos were taken of her without her knowledge. The [...]

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