The government’s idea of consultation

2019-10-01T09:18:04+02:00Tue, 1st Oct '19, 08:35|

On 27 June the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution demanding that Malta show progress in fighting the culture of impunity here that allows politicians to get away with corruption and the masterminds behind Daphne’s assassination to get away with murder. They did not give Malta a deadline within which to [...]

First they came for the socialists

2019-10-01T06:40:36+02:00Tue, 1st Oct '19, 06:23|

What the university did yesterday should be met by outrage.  Moviment Graffitti lampooned Ian Borg during Freshers’ Week, the yearly fair that is meant to help orientate new university students but which has become a fair for predatory recruiters and bankers to exploit just that disorientation. Graffitti put on a mask with Ian Borg’s face [...]

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