You want one reason why the PN is polling like a fringe party?

2019-10-06T16:02:25+02:00Sun, 6th Oct '19, 16:02|

Today some major news emerged about the most heinous political crimes to be committed in Malta in decades. The Sunday Times quotes sources in the investigation confirming once and for all "Daphne was killed because of her work". There is evidence that the investigation has been held back by government interference. And yet, the only [...]

Council of Europe rapporteur asks: Why are there no arrests?

2019-10-06T15:52:59+02:00Sun, 6th Oct '19, 15:50|

The rapporteur appointed by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to monitor what is happening in Malta has tweeted his reaction to story in the news media today published in The Sunday Times on this website. And he asks the question that only the authorities can, and must answer. What we have learnt [...]

Daphne’s assassination: An inch closer to the truth

2019-10-06T13:07:34+02:00Sun, 6th Oct '19, 13:07|

The Sunday Times’s story this morning is very important and deserves analysis. We must think about why we’re reading the story now. The assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia happened two years ago. A year ago Michael Farrugia gave, then retracted, the information that the police had identified suspects who were behind the order to the [...]

GUEST SERIES: Pandora’s box (4)

2019-10-05T14:21:59+02:00Sat, 5th Oct '19, 14:21|

This series started out as an investigation into the American University of Malta-based on an interview with an ex-staff member who was part of the mass firings. [See When Is a University Not a University] However, it soon opened out on to the wider landscape of corruption saturating Malta. Part 1 of this series is [...]

Repubblika files fresh request for an inquiry into the VGH scandal

2019-10-04T12:46:36+02:00Fri, 4th Oct '19, 12:46|

Statement by Repubblika: Repubblika expresses its concern at yesterday’s ruling by the Court of Appeal presided by Judge Giovanni Grixti quashing the earlier decision of Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit to order an inquiry into allegations of criminal responsibility by Edward Scicluna, Chris Cardona and Konrad Mizzi in the sale of three public hospitals to VGH. [...]

Regrets, I’ve had a few.

2019-10-04T10:15:48+02:00Fri, 4th Oct '19, 10:13|

The Times of Malta today quotes Konrad Mizzi saying he regrets setting up a company through Mossack Fonseca in Panama. Of course, he does. If he set it up with any other bent law firm in any other banana republic without a John Doe spilling the beans his political life would have been much easier. [...]

Two years

2019-10-04T08:11:56+02:00Fri, 4th Oct '19, 08:05|

  Repubblika, #occupyjustice and have come together to organise events during the month of October 2019 to mark two years since the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The truth about Daphne’s murder is not yet known. No one has been convicted of her murder yet and no one has even been charged for planning, [...]

Criminal Appeals Court quashes Magistrate’s order for inquiry into ministers’ conduct in VGH sale

2019-10-03T16:43:44+02:00Thu, 3rd Oct '19, 16:43|

The Court of Criminal Appeal has overturned a magistrate’s order for an inquiry to look into the conduct of ministers Konrad Mizzi, Chris Cardona and Edward Scicluna in the sale of three public hospitals to VGH. The decision, which came more than six weeks after the Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit’s original order to start an [...]


2019-10-03T08:36:12+02:00Thu, 3rd Oct '19, 08:35|

I hesitate to write this. Explaining feminism to women is the ultimate form of mansplaining. I don’t like being the patronising sod who insists on explaining the off-side rule when they’re not too sure of it themselves. But when Helena Dalli described the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia as ‘femicide’, it rankled. I suppose etymologically [...]

UPDATED – GUEST POST: The second best roads lead to Rome

2019-10-02T21:58:14+02:00Wed, 2nd Oct '19, 17:45|

(Updated with Editorial Note at 21:50) Editorial Note: The commentary below alleges that Bishop Grech arranged for the sale of a diocese-owned apartment to be sold to a relative of his. Its author insists they base their claim on multiple sources. However, I was contacted by Fr Eddie Zammit, personal assistant of Bishop Grech and personally [...]

King Joseph the Merciful

2019-10-02T15:14:29+02:00Wed, 2nd Oct '19, 15:14|

Must we be treated like idiots every step of the way? Two days ago, security guards at the university silenced a protest by Moviment Graffitti on the university campus. It looked at first like it might have been the initiative of a low-ranking security guard. But then the university issued a statement saying why it [...]

As good as it gets

2019-10-02T14:35:54+02:00Wed, 2nd Oct '19, 14:35|

Adrian Delia did some press-ups this morning. And yesterday there was this. If you live in this country, this, I'm sorry to say, is your life. U ejja? Mela!

Bully for him

2019-10-02T13:24:16+02:00Wed, 2nd Oct '19, 13:24|

Congratulations Adrian Delia. I couldn't do one of those to save my life. I'm sure it will come in handy in the upcoming budget debate.

Passports-scandal lawyer breached code of ethics – Magistrate

2019-10-02T13:12:29+02:00Wed, 2nd Oct '19, 13:12|

A Magistrate has referred lawyer Jean-Philippe Chetcuti to the Chamber of Advocates because of a breach of the code of ethics for lawyers. Magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo referred the senior partner of the Chetcuti Cauchi law-firm in the wake of Repubblika’s request for an inquiry into alleged trading in influence in the sale of Maltese [...]

11 October: After ‘Daphne’ – Challenges to Reading, Writing, Critique

2019-10-02T09:32:16+02:00Wed, 2nd Oct '19, 09:32|

Event organised by Repubblika, #occupyjustice and Daphne Caruana Galizia’s writing attracts continued attention, both in Malta and abroad. What are those aspects of form, style and pitch that give her writing its power? Aside from their political impacts, why might they invite closer commentary and analysis? And how do they connect with – and [...]


2019-10-01T17:56:39+02:00Tue, 1st Oct '19, 15:06|

La Repubblica and Daphne Project journalist Carlo Bonini, former BBC Newsnight and Panorama Reporter John Sweeney and myself have co-authored a book telling the story of Daphne Caruana Galizia: her life and work, her assassination and what has happened since then. Telling the story of Daphne is telling the story of Malta. During the past [...]

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