GUEST POST: From a 16 year old correspondent

2019-10-15T19:48:31+02:00Tue, 15th Oct '19, 19:48|

Sent in by a young contributor known to me: Daphne Caruana Galizia was assassinated. 2 years ago. Daphne's suffering has ended. Her family's has not. The mere fact someone so close to them was taken away from them in such a brutal manner, simply for exposing the truth is already a depiction of their daily [...]

Italian journalists union marks anniversary of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s killing

2019-10-15T16:31:23+02:00Tue, 15th Oct '19, 16:31|

I was today a guest in Rome at the headquarters of the national press union, the Federazione Nazionale della Stampa Italiana, at a press conference headlined "Two years without Daphne Caruana Galizia". Speakers at the event included Sandro Ruotolo who showed his film for on Malta. A version subtitled in English is being released [...]

GUEST POST: Daphne’s murder is a blot on all of us

2019-10-15T17:14:03+02:00Tue, 15th Oct '19, 16:15|

Two years have gone by and still the world is in the dark about  by whom, why and when this gruesome deed was planned. It is unacceptable that it should take so long to fathom out who ordered and paid for this murder. It is also unacceptable that no truly independent Inquiry has been set [...]

The lawyers you pay

2019-10-13T18:07:28+02:00Sun, 13th Oct '19, 18:07|

This morning’s report in The Sunday Times (see below) about how Joseph Muscat reacted after he, his wife, his assistant and two of his ministers received uncomfortable questions ahead of the book that comes out tomorrow, is important. It shows a prime minister who has learnt nothing and refuses to learn anything. Our letters were [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: All concerned deny any wrongdoing

2019-10-13T08:45:51+02:00Sun, 13th Oct '19, 08:45|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "The smoke clears and the rubble buried under the deafening noise of the explosion that killed her becomes more distinct. Through the morass of obfuscation, the ugliness of it all is becoming clearer. "It’s starting to make sense. "They sought to look like the innocent flower but [...]

“They can wink when I suggest certain things”: A nice way of saying criminal collusion

2019-10-12T09:24:48+02:00Sat, 12th Oct '19, 09:16|

Jean Philippe Chetcuti had said he was mistranslated on the M6 broadcast that dubbed his sales pitch to an undercover reporter pretending to inquire about a passport for a his client with a criminal record. Now we can hear it in its full uncompromised and untranslated glory. Jean Philippe Chetcuti starts by accurately explaining the [...]

16 October: Vigil in Sydney

2019-10-13T02:30:17+02:00Fri, 11th Oct '19, 16:39|

A vigil for Daphne Caruana Galizia is being held at Saint Martin Tower, 31, Market Street, Sydney 2000. The event is being held at 6pm on 16 October. More details here.

The real question is how can we have an economy without banks

2019-10-11T16:33:58+02:00Fri, 11th Oct '19, 16:33|

Labour trolls have been sent out to blame the likely exit of HSBC from Malta’s economy on its entrance in Malta in the last century. ‘Kellu raġun Alfred Sant,’ they say. U morru tnejjku, tridux. Of course, the manner of HSBC’s entry into the Maltese market is as irrelevant an explanation for its likely exit [...]

“Viva l-Lejber”

2019-10-11T15:53:50+02:00Fri, 11th Oct '19, 15:53|

Read this court report. Two judges considered appeals from decisions about the same article. The question was whether a The Malta Independent article about Keith Schembri and about the front-man of Keith Schembri’s businesses while the prince of darkness graces us with his wisdom as prime minister’s chief of staff is defamatory. One court last [...]

Daphne and Anna: Proudly dissenting

2019-10-11T13:31:01+02:00Fri, 11th Oct '19, 13:31|

At last year's first Daphne Caruana Galizia memorial lecture John Sweeney recalled a journalist he knew, Anna Politkovskaya, who 12 years before had been killed because of her journalism. Lorenzo Frigerio from Liberainformazione writes a brilliant piece drawing parallels between the two exemplary journalists, women, victims of the politics which they challenged. Take the time [...]

16 October: Vigil in Vienna

2019-10-11T08:10:17+02:00Thu, 10th Oct '19, 19:31|

The Vienna Press Club together with RSF Reporters Without Borders and the International Press Institute are hosting a vigil outside the Maltese Embassy in Vienna at the Opernring 5/1, A-1010. The event is being held on 16 October at 10am.

16 October: Vigil in Berlin

2019-10-10T16:46:06+02:00Thu, 10th Oct '19, 16:46|

I posted on this website details of commemorative vigils marking two years since the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia in London, Brussels and Valletta. A vigil is also being held in Berlin at 6.30 pm outside the Maltese embassy at Klingelhöfer Strasse 7, 10785. More details are available here. Here's the program of events being organised in [...]

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