As usual on this blog, comments are not published under letters sent in claiming a right of reply:

Dear Mr Delia

I refer to your blog posts published under the title “Konrad Mizzi cronies switch roles at Enemalta board” and “New Enemalta board secretary is Keith Schembri’s personal attorney.” Some clarifications are in order.

On the 20th January 2020, I offered to resign from my role as Enemalta plc company secretary, as is customary on the appointment of a new Prime Minister and administration.  My resignation was accepted by means of a letter dated 26th March 2020. There is no suggestion that the acceptance of my January offer of resignation was in any way related to allegations that surfaced in recent days.

I have not acted for Konrad Mizzi in relation to any matter alleged in his regard relating to Enemalta’s Montenegro renewable energy investment. I have however assisted him in unrelated judicial proceedings instituted by yourself and others. Any suggestion of a professional conflict of interest is unwarranted.

You make assumptions and inferences in regard to my professional activity for Enemalta plc and its participation in the Montenegro project, and specifically to my past role as company secretary. While not being at liberty to discuss the project in view of statutory restrictions tied to my profession, I must clarify that my role did not involve negotiating or closing the project acquisition, granting any approval, or any involvement in a financial matter. Your assertion that I “negotiated the Montenegro deal where Enemalta plc paid three times what the company it purchased was worth just 18 days earlier” is blatantly false.

I ask you to ensure that your commentary reflects the above facts, and to desist from any unnecessary and defamatory speculation in regard to my professional activities, which might otherwise be perceived as personal attacks on a lawyer, motivated by the mere fact that in the past I represented a client against you. I also ask that you publish this statement in the same medium by way of contradiction, in terms of the applicable media law.


Aron Mifsud Bonnici