Only Parliament can fire the attorney general. Peter Grech is not the mastermind of the corruption and crime perpetrated by Joseph Muscat’s gang. But he was their willing tool. They needed him to instruct the police to stay away from the Nexia BT offices where evidence of corruption was allowed to perish.

There can be no justification for this. There can be no justification for allowing this pension-slugger to live out his term without some form of consequence. At this point he should not even be allowed the dubious dignity of resigning.

Any MP can present a motion to impeach Peter Grech. It will be up to the government to allow that motion to be discussed. And it will be up to the government to have it approved. They’re not likely to because they owe Peter Grech much.

But that’s no reason not to do it. On the contrary. Watch them squirm. Watch them defend him. Watch them justify an order from the Attorney General to the police so they do not visit Nexia BT after the Panama Papers came out and in spite of FIAU reports that demonstrated reasonable suspicion of crime.

Watch them do for him what he did for them.

That is how people are held to account.

An Opposition! An Opposition! My kingdom for an Opposition!