There was another one about Jason Azzopardi that was gleefully spread by the tandem of One TV and Simon Mercieca who form a strange Molotov-Ribbentrop alliance. It’s the one about Jason Azzopardi having visited the Hilton Hotel.


That’s before the 17 Black revelations mind you. This completely bonkers tu quoque is supposed to neutralise the disgusting behaviour of Adrian Delia who kept up a flirty WhatsApp relationship with Yorgen Fenech after it had been established that Yorgen Fenech bribed politicians on an industrial scale.

And you know what the biggest irony is? Some of the texts exchanged between Adrian Delia and Yorgen Fenech were about how Yorgen Fenech supported Adrian Delia in the toughest times. It is of no surprise to anyone that Yorgen Fenech liked Adrian Delia and disliked Jason Azzopardi.

Jason Azzopardi has been a vital character in the search for truth about corruption the last three years. Adrian Delia has been a central figure in its covering up.

Consider this ballot now.

So much is wrong with it. Jason Azzopardi is, to my knowledge, not contesting any election. And the choice on the left – a Nationalist Party gathering with thousands of people – is something which was fairly commonplace until Adrian Delia came on the scene. Since he came, it became an impossibility.