The return of l-aqwa żmien

2021-01-04T13:33:13+01:00Mon, 4th Jan '21, 13:33|

As the general election looms nearer, hyperbole inflates. Robert Abela yesterday said 2021 would be “one of the best years in Malta’s history”. Best at what? What’s this forecast based on? Is it an economic projection? What is that premised on? Right now, the government should be working flat out to give this country a [...]

GUEST POST: Hands off institutions

2021-01-04T09:27:25+01:00Mon, 4th Jan '21, 09:27|

While I have no right to interfere, I will insist that all institutions do their work in good time. - Robert Abela, 16 February 2020 In February, addressing an extraordinary general conference to mark the first 100 years of the Labour Party, Robert Abela told his faithful that he had set up a good governance [...]

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