Australian bishop was informed Joseph Sultana molested altar boys 5 years before he did it again in Gozo – activists

2021-01-27T16:16:17+01:00Wed, 27th Jan '21, 16:16|

An Australian activist website that documents the covering up of child abuse cases by the Australian catholic church quotes the former Bishop of Cairns James Foley say in 2010 that he was informed Joseph Sultana abused altar boys in 1998. Joseph Sultana was charged today in the Gozo court as the magistrate heard another of [...]


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Two priests were arraigned in Gozo’s court today charged with sexually abusing a minor in their care. The arraignment was anticipated with a curtain-raiser as the newspapers were told about this a day ahead. Reading the reports of the evidence given by the victim is heartbreaking. These predators took away his childhood, his health and [...]

PODCAST: Democratic tyranny

2021-01-27T10:17:03+01:00Wed, 27th Jan '21, 10:17|

Manuel Delia · Democratic Tyranny I’m not going to dive into the merits of the draft law being debated in Parliament to give political parties extra parliamentary seats to ensure there are more women in Parliament. It’s not that I don’t have an opinion. I have an opinion on most things, to begin with. And [...]

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