MONEY MAGAZINE: At your financial service

2021-01-13T15:30:35+01:00Thu, 14th Jan '21, 15:27|

 My piece in this season's Money Magazine. The world is changing. Do not expect the clock to turn back. The global village has come to pass. We will not go back from that. The far-left first rallied against the injustices of the new times as industry was spirited to where exploitation was cheaper. Then the [...]

The chaos at the top

2021-01-14T09:34:41+01:00Thu, 14th Jan '21, 09:34|

Robert Abela fancies himself as some sort of chess master, out-thinking everyone, always 7 moves ahead. But the Gavin Gulia situation has landed him in yet another muddy mess he should have anticipated. Gavin Gulia justified the ending of his 5-minute stint in parliament on instructions from the prime minister to stay on as tourism [...]

PODCAST: It’s not about ‘deserve’

2021-01-14T08:18:13+01:00Thu, 14th Jan '21, 08:18|

Manuel Delia · It's Not About 'deserve' Robert Abela appears to have picked the chairman of the commission that protects the interests of persons with disability to fill the seat vacated first by Edward Scicluna and then, in record time, by Gavin Gulia. The gentleman has never been openly partisan though he’s been part of [...]

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