No animals shall sleep in beds with sheets

2021-01-21T06:37:31+01:00Wed, 20th Jan '21, 13:26|

Chris Fearne told Lovin Malta he didn’t break any Covid shut down rules when he visited Construct Furniture during lockdown. That’s because manufacturing activities were allowed to go on and Construct is a manufacturing plant. As Lovin Malta pointed out showrooms (as non-essential retail outlets) were ordered to shut down. Chris Fearne didn’t visit the [...]

GUEST POST: A tale of two inaugural trains

2021-01-20T10:51:17+01:00Wed, 20th Jan '21, 10:51|

What is similar between the inaugurations of the President-elect of the United States in 1861 and the President-elect of the United States in 2021? Abraham Lincoln and Joe Biden both had to change their travel plans on the eve of their inauguration for security reasons. Biden was planning to travel on an Amtrak train from [...]

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