When in doubt, blame the black man

2021-01-25T11:52:35+01:00Mon, 25th Jan '21, 11:52|

Is Robert Abela himself prejudiced, sociologically uneducated and inclined to simplistic, racist explanations of things, or does he speak the way he does because he assumes his audience is prejudiced, sociologically uneducated and inclined to simplistic, racist explanations? He spoke yesterday about a statistical decline in the crime rate dodging the rather straightforward explanation that [...]

Malta company targeted by US government for dodging anti-Venezuela sanctions

2021-01-25T10:30:31+01:00Mon, 25th Jan '21, 10:30|

Maltese company Elemento, registered in Malta since 2015, is in the list of target people and companies issued by the US treasury for evading US sanctions against Venezuela. The US Treasury says that Elemento purchased oil from Venezuelan state-owned petroleum company PdVSA and then resold it to other customers on behalf of Elemento’s sole owner [...]

GUEST POST: The epitome of arrogance

2021-01-25T09:35:46+01:00Mon, 25th Jan '21, 09:35|

An arrogant person is someone who has an exaggerated assessment of their self-worth or self-importance and who lets others know that they feel superior over them. Arrogant individuals believe that they have nothing to learn from others, so they act like they know-it-all. Arrogant people also love to talk about themselves and brag about their achievements, [...]

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