Ask him twice and he’ll tell you anything

2021-01-15T13:55:28+01:00Fri, 15th Jan '21, 13:55|

Two days ago Robert Abela told journalists they could ask him 100 times whether he sat on the cabinet meeting that decided on whether to pardon Vincent Muscat, il-Koħħu. His answer would remain unchanged. He’s bound by cabinet secrecy and you couldn’t get the information out of him whether you threw a light on his [...]

The return of Gozo General to the public would be another “Daphne Was Right” moment

2021-01-15T13:31:55+01:00Fri, 15th Jan '21, 13:31|

Chris Said wrote yesterday on his Facebook page that Gozo General Hospital will return to public ownership in short order in an agreement with Steward Healthcare to quit Gozo’s only hospital. It has been in private ownership since it was sold together with St Luke’s and Karin Grech’s hospital to the obscure outfit VGH in [...]


2021-01-15T12:21:00+01:00Fri, 15th Jan '21, 10:21|

Yesterday’s podcast was not kind to Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando. It wasn’t intended to be. I wrote that I felt he deserved the humiliation he was served by the people he imagined were his new friends. I wrote that it is the fate of turncoats that the only people who are likely to trust them less [...]

MFSA appoints associate of lawyers for Pilatus directors to administer their bank

2021-01-15T10:21:04+01:00Fri, 15th Jan '21, 10:21|

The MFSA this week announced a replacement to US citizen Lawrence Connell who resigned from the position of “competent person” at law to oversee the affairs of Pilatus Bank. The new appointee is Robert Ancilleri, an accountant who is also in business with Kevin Deguara and Jean Karl Farrugia, partners of law firm DF advocates. [...]

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