GUEST POST: Where’s the treasure?

2021-01-11T15:49:34+01:00Mon, 11th Jan '21, 15:49|

Last weekend I watched a spot of television. The first thing was ‘Treasure in Malta’, on YouTube, a 1962 film part-financed by the Malta tourist board, intended to promote Malta as a tourism destination. And it was, apparently, successful. Despite the appalling script and acting. It’s worth a view, if only to see Spinola Bay [...]

GUEST POST: “So the environment truly becomes a priority”

2021-01-11T15:37:21+01:00Mon, 11th Jan '21, 15:37|

Hundreds of billboards placed a every strategic corner throughout Malta were important features of the multi-million 2013 Partit Laburista election campaign. Labour had money, lots of money. Anġlu Farrugia, today’s Speaker, spoke about big contractors and businessmen at the infamous 4th floor at the glass castle of Ħamrun. To give credibility to the messages, Labour [...]

Was the advice to keep schools closed a minority report?

2021-01-11T15:21:30+01:00Mon, 11th Jan '21, 15:21|

There's an assumption that Kenneth Grech's advice to Frank Fabri from the education ministry to postpone the reopening of schools after the Christmas break was based exclusively on his - Kenneth Grech's - professional opinion. The assumption comes out of two facts. The first is that Kenneth Grech alone has been kicked out of the [...]

River wide

2021-01-11T20:01:02+01:00Mon, 11th Jan '21, 13:09|

I can understand why keen PN supporters were cheered up by Malta Today’s poll of yesterday. This is the fourth month in a row without the sort of existentially catastrophic results polled by the PN during Adrian Delia’s tenure. The good news first. The risk of a constitution-busting two-thirds majority for the Labour Party now [...]

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