GUEST POST: Justice, Quid Iuris?

2021-01-30T09:55:05+01:00Sat, 30th Jan '21, 09:55|

On the setting of the sun on the first year of His Master’s reign, Edward Zammit Lewis thought it would be timely to take stock of what has been achieved. He took up a whole page of the Times of Malta to do this little thing. He wasn’t talking about the attack, repulsed with contempt, [...]

Another Maltese citizen facing accusations of embezzlement of billions

2021-01-30T09:13:59+01:00Sat, 30th Jan '21, 09:13|

The ‘talent’ attracted by Joseph Muscat’s passport-selling scheme is making world news again as Saudi state-owned companies are suing a former Saudi spy-master for embezzling billions of dollars. Saad al Jabri, Maltese citizen and for some time closest adviser to the former heir apparent to the Saudi throne, has been chased out of the Saudi [...]

RIGHT OF REPLY: The Gozo Curia writes in

2021-01-30T09:10:59+01:00Sat, 30th Jan '21, 09:10|

The following statement was sent in by the Gozo Curia in response to this post that reported that Bishop Mario Grech was informed in 2009 that Joseph Sultana was accused of abusing altar boys in Australia. Joseph Sultana was charged last week of sexually abusing a child in Gozo when he returned from Australia. As is [...]

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