GUEST POST: Robert Abela and Donald Trump are just erratic

2021-01-19T10:03:20+01:00Tue, 19th Jan '21, 20:00|

Photo: Evan Vucci/AP In this little pond of ours, we see things tribally, condone anything one of our team does. I used to think it was just us. That it’s because we are insular, small-minded, politically immature. Then I had a long conversation with a highly intelligent, articulate, usually value-obsessed American man who [...]

You read it here first

2021-01-19T12:41:22+01:00Tue, 19th Jan '21, 12:41|

On 11 November 2020 Magistrate Joe Mifsud recused himself from hearing the case brought by the police against Jonathan Ferris and Maria Efimova on the back of complaints from Joseph Muscat because he was also hearing a stalled case by the police against Maria Efimova on the back of complaints from Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad. [...]

GUEST POST: Bobadamus

2021-01-19T11:00:14+01:00Tue, 19th Jan '21, 11:00|

In our small island, kissed by the sun, we have been also graced, maybe with the succour of St Paul or St Luke, with a genial prime minister who sees light when it’s dark and is upbeat when the whole world is in a dismal situation because of the coronavirus pandemic. Our own Robert Abela [...]

Joseph Muscat implicitly admitted €100m Steward guarantee is illegal

2021-01-19T10:45:15+01:00Tue, 19th Jan '21, 10:45|

When Joseph Muscat gave evidence in Adrian Delia’s case against the government yesterday, he said that the notorious €100 million termination clause in the deal with Vitals Global Healthcare – later transferred to Steward Health Care – “was included as a way to guarantee a bank’s loan without violating EU state aid rules”. In saying [...]

Not all spending amounts to investment

2021-01-19T09:53:19+01:00Tue, 19th Jan '21, 09:53|

‘Investment’ is one of the most twisted terms used by politicians here. It somehow sounds better than spending. Investment suggests there would be a return somewhere down the line. It is a loan you give to fate, fully expecting it to be repaid with interest. Spending on infrastructure can be an investment. If you’re building [...]

If this is true, Chris Fearne should resign

2021-01-19T09:23:00+01:00Tue, 19th Jan '21, 09:23|

Daniel Mercieca is an individual who is claiming on Facebook that he used to work at Construct Furniture. You know the one. That's the guys who hosted Joseph Muscat in their expensive kitchen at the end of 2015, recording a "New Year's Message" pretending to be poor families made good as a result of some [...]

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