Isn’t it ironic?

2021-01-12T12:49:29+01:00Tue, 12th Jan '21, 12:49|

Reporters could hear the loud sigh of relief from the Labour Party when its renegade candidate Charles Azzopardi was eliminated in the counting of votes inherited from the recently transferred Edward Scicluna. Charles Azzopardi has since the election switched to the PN which would have meant Labour would lose another of its seats in Parliament, [...]

PODCAST: What’s showing on the back of the cave

2021-01-12T10:29:05+01:00Tue, 12th Jan '21, 10:29|

Manuel Delia · What's Showing On The Back Of The Cave Political parties are defending their right to own and operate TV stations on grounds of freedom of speech. The argument is compelling. In theory political parties are a manifestation of everyone’s right to associate in an organisation of like-minded people and the right of [...]

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