Making Yorgen Fenech look nice

2021-01-05T15:29:01+01:00Tue, 5th Jan '21, 15:29|

Something very strange has happened in the background of the compilation of evidence against Yorgen Fenech, who is accused of killing Daphne Caruana Galizia. In early December, Philip Galea Farrugia, Deputy Attorney General, filed a note in court complaining that Simon Mercieca was repeatedly attacking him, undermining him and assaulting his credibility merely because he [...]

Will you do nothing, Anġlu?

2021-01-05T12:00:01+01:00Tue, 5th Jan '21, 12:00|

Parliament’s standards committee has “endorsed” a report by Commissioner George Hyzler that found Joseph Muscat “abused of his power as prime minister” when he handed Konrad Mizzi a consultancy job days after Konrad Mizzi resigned as Minister. I’m going to leave that hanging there for a bit. It is not just Karol Aquilina and Carmelo [...]

The responsibility of authority

2021-01-05T11:05:20+01:00Tue, 5th Jan '21, 11:05|

It should not surprise us that healthy scepticism of authority is now turning into a definitively unhealthy loss of discernment about what sources can and should be trusted. Consider the lonely senior citizens of San Ġwann. They’ve been told for almost a year to stay alone at home until the Mayor, no less, told them [...]

GUEST POST: More on the Dizz Group: A review of D’Arena Mall Limited

2021-01-05T09:26:58+01:00Tue, 5th Jan '21, 09:26|

This article, a follow-up to my recent article on Dizz Manufacturing Limited, will seem rather technical for most readers. That doesn’t make it any less important or in the public interest especially considering the increased involvement of politically exposed persons in the commercial world. The Dizz Group is ultimately owned by two politically exposed persons. [...]

What a piece of work this Adrian Delia is

2021-01-05T09:16:00+01:00Tue, 5th Jan '21, 09:16|

I had hoped never to have to think of that rotten piece of damp and crumbling wood when he was finally kicked out of the leadership of the PN. But Adrian Delia is an admonishment of fate. He’s not going away. Judging by the writing of that Trump-nostalgist, Yorgen Fenech-apologist, anti-vaxxer-promoting Simon Mercieca, Adrian Delia [...]

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