Daniel Mercieca is an individual who is claiming on Facebook that he used to work at Construct Furniture. You know the one. That’s the guys who hosted Joseph Muscat in their expensive kitchen at the end of 2015, recording a “New Year’s Message” pretending to be poor families made good as a result of some long-forgotten and immaterial tax cut.

Mr Mercieca is saying on his Facebook page that right in the middle of lockdown last year, when all non-essential shops were shut down, Construct Furniture kept up a ‘behind the shutters’ business for VIPs.

Apparently, Mr Mercieca says, these VIPs included Health Minister Chris Fearne himself who was the one to give the order that all shops except food stores had to close down. Chris Fearne was, Mr Mercieca alleges, doing up his second home and he visited Construct to order a new kitchen.

Mr Mercieca also says another client he handled during lockdown was Judge Consuelo Scerri Herrera. He must have thought of her when he heard all that talk about agreeable and demure women over the past weekend.

Judge Scerri Herrera breaking the law is awkward for her.

But the Health Minister breaking covid lockdown rules is politically extremely serious.

The post has been up for two weeks and Chris Fearne has not addressed the matter. Is it true he breached lockdown rules and visited an outlet that was supposed to be shut by his own lockdown laws?

Think of New Zealand’s health minister David Clark forced to resign for going to the beach during the lockdown. Think of UK covid adviser Neil Ferguson forced to resign after allowing his girlfriend to visit his home during the lockdown. Think of Luton Mayor Tahir Malik forced to resign for attending a party during the lockdown. Think of Hungarian MEP Jozsef Szajer forced to resign after going to a Brussels sex party during the lockdown. Think of UK Labour MP Rosie Duffield forced to resign after going for a walk with her partner during the lockdown. Think of Scotland’s chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood forced to resign after visiting her second home for the weekend during the lockdown. Think of Czech Health Minister Roman Prymula forced to resign after eating out with friends during the lockdown. Think of the Mayor of Barcelona Alex Pastor forced to resign after skipping quarantine during the lockdown.

Tell me. Why should Chris Fearne not resign?